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Meghan loves the Megaformer

The Duchess of Sussex (a.k.a. Meghan Markle) has called the Lagree Fitness Method,”the best thing for your body”.

She was quoted by style bible, Harper’s Bazaar. The Harper’s website wrote how Her Royal Highness was introduced to the Megaformer by a friend who operates a small studio in Los Angeles.

The article goes on to say how the Duchess credits the training, “as having changed her body”. The story has sparked even greater interest in the Lagree Fitness Method. It continues to grow throughout the world. Many other well-known figures from film and TV are already big fans.

Love Lagree is the only studio on the UK offering the unique Lagree fitness method. We offer classes six days a week.

The Lagree fitness method is a unique, high intensity, low impact full body workout. Every class is 50 minutes and effectively combines strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexibility and core in every move. All classes use the cutting edge M3s Megaformer and focus on slow resistance based movements which sculpt and strengthen the body from head to toe.

All training at our boutique studio in Llandow, near Cowbridge, is in a small group setting. Our boutique size means we guarantee the best possible coaching and personal attention.

We also offer a great value intro pack of three classes for £36.

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