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The new online Love Lagree techniques designed by Lorraine on the mat since lockdown has been truly fun and effective. It is amazing to be able to continue to exercise so effectively with this creative Lagree Mat technique to stay toned and healthily!


Lagree is the ultimate mind-over-matter exercise and nothing like I’ve done before. It delivers serious results….while being fun at the same time. Thank you Lorraine.


Lorraine’s online classes are not only amazingly effective and expertly delivered, they are massively enjoyable, so much fun and have made me forget I’m in the lockdown.


Lorraine’s online workouts are consistently challenging (I’ve never sweated so much!), extremely addictive and always leave me feeling uplifted and energised. The classes require minimal equipment and are small enough that Lorraine’s warm and personal touch makes you feel like part of a little community. The Lagree-style mat workouts are really unique compared to anything I’ve ever tried before and have become such a vital part of my fitness and wellbeing routine since lockdown began.


I've never done anything quite like it before.

It's nice not to be fatigued after a class but to also know I'm burning calories throughout the day. 


I’ve been ‘doing’ Lagree with Lorraine for nearly a year, first In the studio on the Megaformer and now online using my own Micro. I can honestly say that I’ve seen a huge change in my strength and overall fitness, as well as looking slimmer and more defined. I’m in my fifties and have always exercised, but nothing has had the results that Lagree brings. The workouts are very focused and you work hard but with low impact and control.  Lorraine is a fantastic teacher, full of enthusiasm and energy which when combined with her expertise and knowledge as a trainer ensure you get great results safely.

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