As summer comes to an end and holiday memories fade, we want to cheer you up. We’re here to help you feel great and look amazing. And we want to remind you about five mega reasons to Love Lagree.

Body benefits
The unique Lagree fitness method delivers quick results. It burns calories and fat long after the session is over. It builds a long, lean and elegant physique.It’s the Future of Fitness
The cutting-edge Megaformer delivers strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, cardio and core training.

Our Boutique Studio
Our central Leeds studio provides the best possible workout environment. We have changing and shower facilities for ladies and gentlemen.

The Mega Monthly deal
This new payment option means you can train up to five times a week every month, for just £144.
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You can bring a friend and benefit
Receive an EXTRA CLASS with our compliments when you introduce anybody who takes an intro class and then purchases one of our multi-class packs (or immediately purchases one of our multi-class packs).

We hope to see you in the studio very soon.